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June 3
Audrey Johnson -
Pittsford Library
Scavenge hunt revealed

April 23
Copper Beech Park - Public ceremony to commemorate & bid farewell to this stately tree in the village

April 15-May 31
Scavenger Hunt
in the Village

February 7
Maria Furgiuele -
Pittsford Library
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you-Tube video

January 10
Wayne Goodman -
Pittsford Library
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you-Tube video





Our Copper Beech tree, that stands in the Park on State Street, has been used as the town logo for many years. People drive, walk, bicycle past it every day and may not notice it at all. BUT they will notice when it is gone!

Unfortunately the tree is considered dangerous and will, in the very near future, need to come down. It has a serious fungus, which has decayed the tree so that the inside is almost entirely hollow. It has been tested and studied by two tree experts who recommend its removal. The giant tree has been so severely damaged that it has become a safety hazard.

Click HERE for more information and pictures.