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Historic Pittsford Committees

The following are standing committees of Historic Pittsford with the respective chairpersons.
Members may request to participate in any of these committees by sending an email to:
Please list the chairperson's name in the subject field of the email so the rquest gets re-directed to the correct person.

Patricia Place Architectural Consultation Program Bonnie Salem
For almost 30 years, Historic Pittsford has sponsored an award-winning program that provides free architectural consultation to homeowners. Named after prominent preservationist Patricia Goodnough Place, this unique program, in partnership with Bero Architecture, makes expert advice available to assist homeowners in maintaining the architectural and historic integrity of their properties. Click HERE for additional information.

Awards David Minor and Audrey Johnson
The Awards Committee (AC) is responsible for an annual award that recognizes individuals and/or organizations in the community who have significantly contributed to supporting the mission and goals of Historic Pittsford. The AC will work with the Community Relations Committee to publicize the award. The AC will mail an award brochure and nomination form to local organizations, review completed nomination forms, select qualified candidates and recommend them to the Board for consideration. The process begins in the fall with the selection of committee members and continues through July for the presentation of awards at the HP Annual Meeting & Picnic.

Community Relations Shelley O'Brien
The Community Relations Committee (CRC) shall provide information about upcoming presentations, pertinent architectural and historical information and material pertaining to the mission of Historic Pittsford to media outlets including newspapers, television, radio, village and town e-newsletters, websites and blogs.

Educational Outreach with sub-committee Architectural Consultation Margaret Brizee
The Educational Outreach Committee (EOC) will work to further the mission of Historic Pittsford by creating displays for use within the Little House and traveling exhibits to be used in libraries, schools and at special events; by speaking with school administrators and officers of other organizations; and by meeting with members of the community to foster a sense of history and a knowledge of preservation.
— The Architectural Consultation sub-committee oversees the free consultation service for property owners provided by John Bero and underwritten by HP. Click HERE for additional information.

Finance with sub-committee Fund Raising
The Finance Committee (FC) works with the Treasurer to review reports of Historic Pittsford"s income, expenses, assets and liabilities. The FC will work with the HP Board and its committees to project an annual budget.
— The Fund Raising sub-committee will investigate grant opportunities and other avenues to supplement dues revenue.

Issues Bonnie Salem
The Issues Committee is responsible for determining issues in the community that may be of interest or concern to HP, gathering data on the issues, and presenting such issues to the HP Board for discussion and possible action.

Little House with sub-committee Technology Deborah Resch
The Little House Committee (LHC) shall work to ensure the smooth operation of the Little House. The LHC will focus on maintenance and housekeeping of the interior and exterior of the Little House, work with the secretary to ensure timely gathering and dispersal of mail, organization of files, storage and scanning, and maintaining an inventory of gift shop items. The LHC will also help oversee decorating and staffing of the Little House for special occasions.
— The Technology sub-committee works under the Little House umbrella to provide technical services with regard to membership, website, inventories and digital displays.

Membership with sub-committee Newsletter Peter Brizee
The Membership Committee (MC) shall create a membership marketing plan by finding creative ways to recruit and develop new members, in addition to maintaining the current membership base.
— The Newsletter will be used as a tool to disperse information to members and will be produced twice a year.

Nominating JoAnne Shannon and Shelley O"Brien
The Nominating Committee (NC) shall search for prospective nominees for the Board of Directors and contact the nominees to ascertain interest. The NC shall present a slate of candidates to the HP Board in April for preliminary approval and present the slate of candidates to the membership for approval at the Annual Meeting in July. The Nominating Committee shall consist of two Board members and one person from the membership at large per HP Bylaws.

Programs David Minor and Audrey Johnson
The Programs Committee (PC) shall engage speakers for presentations, assist with special event planning (Candlelight Night, Day of the Dead, House Tour, Nazareth Antique Show, Positively Pittsford and internal special events), and make arrangements for the annual picnic. The PC will work with the Finance Committee on budgets for speaker honorariums, the annual meeting and other special events. The PC will work with the Community Relations Committee to publicize all programs and special events.

Strategic Planning Margaret Brizee
The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) shall develop and propose a ten-year Strategic Plan for the approval of the HP Board of Directors. The Board will establish priorities on an annual basis; and Objectives and Goals of the strategic plan shall be implemented by relevant committees and task forces. The SPC will monitor the development and fulfillment of action plans and make periodic progress reports for the Board.