Earliest known picture that shows the Copper Beech Tree

When people ask me "How old is that tree?", I can only “guesstimate”.

The house that stood next to it was built somewhere between 1840 & 1850. We know that an early doctor lived there about 1855. We have pictures of the home and we think the tree next to it is the copper beech.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Battams lived in the house in the 1940’s until his death in 1961. The house was not in good condition when, in 1968, the Town of Pittsford acquired the site, removed the house, and created the public parking lot that is there now.

Recent picture of the Copper Beech Tree

We don’t know the specific date that the tree will come down, but it will be soon. Then, hopefully, we can determine its exact age. Perhaps it was a small sapling at the time Simon and Isreal Stone purchased the 13,296 acres from Phelps and Gorham which became Northfield and eventually 7 towns of which Pittsford was the original.

by Audrey Johnson, Town & Village Historian