Agate-Zornow Home

This gracious home was built in 1884 by Mr. John Agate who ran a grain mill with his brother, William who lived next door to him on the north. Will Agate's home was razed when the canal needed his house and business due to the widening of the canal. Will and his brother, John received $43,000 for an acre of property, two malt houses, a grist mill, barn and office. All of these buildings, including the house and barn, had to be destroyed at that time.

The home at 27 North Main Street was the house next to the canal. Barns and stables were removed at the time of the widening and a small tenant house was constructed. The little house remains and for many years was a rental unit.

The home remained in the Agate family until 1923 when it was purchased by Mr. Ted Zornow's father-in-law and it has remained a Zornow home until 2001 when it was purchased by Keith and Beth Miller.