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    1. When was the Town Hall built?
    2. How many cemeteries are in Pittsford?       What are their names and where are they located?
    3. Who were the former owners of Oak Hill Country Club?
    4. When was the most recent Erie Canal break in Pittsford? And where?
    5. Where can you find the word "Hylgarth" written in the village?
    6. What was located at 19 Monroe Avenue before Messner Carpeting?
    7. What are the names of the Town founders?
    8. When did the Town of Pittsford celebrate its Bi-Centennial?
    9. How many chimneys are on the Phoenix Building (on South Main St., opposite Town Hall)?
    10. What was located at 24 State Street prior to the Pittsford Community Library?
    11. What was the Hawley Farm (now Pittsford Farm Dairy) noted for?
    12. What was the previous name of Thirsty's Bar?
    13. What was located at 21 No. Main Street prior to the Village Hall?
    14. What kind of tree is depicted in the Town of Pittsford logo?
    15. What was The Grange?
    16. In what year did the last class graduate from Lincoln Avenue School?
    17. What village structure has housed a doctor's office, attorney's office, library, nursery school,
      florist, travel agency, bakery, and served as a private residence, since its original construction?
    18. Where was the Pittsford trolley station located until the line was discontinued in 1931?
    19. Where in the village can you find a horse block?
    20. The Phoenix Hotel was nearly gutted by fire in what year?
    21. What village fixture did the Women's Christian Temperance Union donate to the Town of Pittsford in the 1930's?
    22. How did King's Bend Park get its name?
    23. What is currently located on the original site of St. Louis Catholic Church?
    24. Where in Pittsford did a freight train and passenger train collide on the night of Baccalaureate
      June 23, 1907? (The collision resulted in 5 fatalities and 17 injuries.)
    25. What is Penn Street known by today?
    26. Thornell's Garage (circa 1920) sold cars manufactured by ___________?
    27. Our community was known by three other names prior to becoming Pittsford. What were they?
    28. When did the renovated Town Hall open?
    29. What street used to be called Johnny Cake Street?
    30. What was the total Town budget in 1895? ($2,200 $3,200 $4,200 or $5,200)
    31. Pittsford, one of the oldest communities in western New York, traces its early history to 1789 when Simon and Israel Stone purchased 13,296 acres for a=36¢, b=87¢, c=$1.59, or d=$3.40  per acre.
    32. Simon and Israel Stone were (brothers, cousins, father and son, unrelated).
    33. Originally named Northfield, the name Pittsford was chosen in 1814 by ______________.
    34. Where in the town can you find the barn that was built in 1842?
    35. What business was begun by partners Wadhams and Rand?
    36. Where was the first spadeful of earth turned to start excavation for the Erie canal?
    37. The original Erie Canal was _______ miles long.
    38. The original Erie Canal was _______ feet deep.
    39. When construction began on the Erie canal, who was governor of New York State?
    40. What is the number of the lock at Clover Street?
    41. The Erie Canal connected what two points, east and west (cities)?
    42. Construction of the canal began on July 4, 1817. How many years did it take to complete the project?
    43. What major construction hurdle presented itself in Pittsford?
    44. A passenger boat on the Erie Canal was called a ________.
    45. How much did the original Erie Canal cost New York State?
    46. How many men from Pittsford served in the Civil War?
    47. What was the name of Pittsford's first subdivision?
    48. Where is the Marquis DeNonville historic marker located?
    49. Approximately how many residents does the Town of Pittsford have?
    50. The historic marker commemorating the First U.S. Patent issued was displayed in Pittsford.
      Where was it located and why was it removed?