May 17, 2020
Architecture of James Johnson
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Pittsford Personalities: Interviews with local Pittsford residents conducted by Town and Village Historian, Audrey Johnson.

This link http://vp.telvue.com/player?id=T01799&video=46789will take you to ERCN TV-12. Once there, click the "PlayList" tab and choose "Pittsford Personalities" from the list.

Town of Pittsford: www.townofpittsford.org/
Pittsford Town History: www.townofpittsford.org/home-history

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Village of Pittsford: www.villageofpittsford.org/
Pittsford Village History: www.villageofpittsford.org/history/default.asp

Pittsford Village Historic Properties Survey List:

The Village of Pittsford publishes a quarterly newsletter, which gives you some details of life in the village.
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Pittsford's MAIN Cemetery & Cemetery EAST: http://www.pittsfordcemetery.org

Pittsford Pioneer Burial Ground: http://mcnygenealogy.com/cem/oldpitt.htm

East Street Cemetery: http://mcnygenealogy.com/cem/east-st.htm

Living Places - by the Gombach Group: The Pittsford Village Historic District